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WES Legacy: Talks' Perspective

1. What new things is Ops doing this year compared to last year?

This year we decided to prepare the merch order well in advance to avoid a situation where we would not have enough items for the summit and freshers week. Both merchandise orders were carefully prepared by research( 4 options for each product), contact with marketing, and following the budget. For the summit itself, we completed all the planning before Christmas and completed the order when SU opened in January. In total there will be 4 products- bags, pens, stickers, and lanyards.

2. What challenges lie ahead for Ops in terms of the summit?

Unlike two previous editions this year, we will be hosting a hybrid summit. This will require us to take care of the master plan and connect the in-person events with the online streaming.

3. What is Ops doing to mitigate these?

Learning from last year we already started working on the masterplan by sending each team a document that they can fill out with all the events they want us to host. This will allow us to fit all the events into one master plan and do it well beforehand. Further, we are working closely with tech to ensure that the hybrid summit will work out and there are no bumps in the schedule.


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