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WES Legacy: Press & Comms Perspective

The Press and Comms Team constitute one of the leading roles in issuing content on WES media channels, not only about the Summit itself but the process it takes to get there.

Our task is to cover essential conversations, events, and host interviews with some of the most critical thinkers in economics and other related fields. We work in partnerships with journalists on a national and international level next to being in contact with various high stake media outlets to gain publicity and broaden our audience.

With one of our most recent initiatives, Combined Voices, we wanted to create a collaborative space between students from universities all around the globe who share common interests and allow them to publish written pieces together.

This project is currently taking place in collaboration with universities such as UCL and Columbia, an excellent opportunity for WES to provide a diverse spectrum of opinions on their media platforms.

One prime example of this is the WES Blog which enables young and passionate writers to discuss topics of their choice and make their opinions publicly available for the readers to engage with.

Next to written content, our Team also hosts events within Warwick itself, such as Policy Talks, where different societies are encouraged to debate about a previously chosen topic.


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