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WES Legacy: Socials' Perspective

What does WES Socials do? This term, we have hosted wonderful social events with the aim of engaging all members across different teams before our summit. Highlights so far have included the WES Tour, where we headed to Ingleton and York for 3 days and 2 nights. We have successfully improved team dynamics and built long-lasting relationships between members. For our weekly socials, we have hosted Team Dinners, Houseparty, Circling & POP!, Laser Tag socials and Secret Santa. We have also continued our WES Family tradition, which aims to create a WES home for execs and team members by matching them according to their interests and personalities. All events were successfully held and have created a strong bond between members of the team.

What does the Socials team plan to do in the future?

To further build on our relationships with alumni, the Alumni Lunch was held during Term 1 in London, where we gathered WES alumni and WES2023 execs. We are looking forward to holding more informal alumni gatherings and the Alumni Mentorship Scheme following the year.

Our team will continue to focus on the ultimate objectives of bringing everyone in WES together and facilitating engagement with our past alumni.


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