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WES Legacy: Technology Perspective

Updated: Oct 24, 2023

1. What challenges did Tech face at the summit?

Tech team had faced a daunting challenge involving the whole revamp of the website, which was definitely a significant amount of work considering the breadth and depth the website had before the revamp.

Tech team also had to carry the torch from their previous years to develop a new mobile application dedicated to the arrival of the summit. This was an incredible undertaking for Tech Team as we wanted to become the first society to develop a functional app at Warwick.

Tech team had faced challenges involving the physical equipment in which we were not able to use the tools from the same company that we have been outsourcing from which meant tech team had to quickly find a plan as it was nearing the summit. Thankfully, tech team had managed to find a solution around this by effectively researching and initiating proactively to solve this issue.

2. How were these challenges overcome?

By conducting initial research which enabled us to analyse the type of website design trends and procedures - we were able to create a grand foundation for the website by designing the home page. This has set us up for the the basis of the other pages which allowed our website to become a more cohesive, sleek and modern appeal that the team were able toproudly announce and achieve!

Tech team is proud to announce that we have launched the very first app that WES has ever built live in Apple store and Google Play Store. We were able to release the application before the summit and hence were able to provide the best experience for the viewers and attendees for the summit who wished to use the mobile application.

Finally, thanks to the efficiency of Tech Team, we were able to sort out physical equipments before the summit has started by brainstorming ideas on potential avenues and were able to find another company to outsource our tools called Titan Films, who have been a massive help in the process of the summit by allowing breathing room for the Tech Team, we are forever grateful to them for the professionalism and communication.

3. How would you change about your approach next year?

Tech team is a role that is very top heavy in terms of workload - where the majority of work would start piling up as it gets closer to the summit, where Tech becomes increasingly important to the success of the big event. Hence if possible, Tech would try to spread out as much work as possible throughout the whole summit rather than have the workload become toppling as the summit draw closer.


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