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WES Legacy: The Overalls' perspective

1. What are you hoping to achieve for WES this year?

After 2 years of having a fully virtual summit, our main goal for this year is to bring back the in-person element of the Summit while sustaining the increased outreach from our virtual platform. We hope that we will be able to do our predecessors proud with the extent of how large our Summit has reached. Our secondary goal is to make our Summit as accessible as possible to all members. We hope to increase our activities outsides the Summit and allow for a diverse range of students to attend our Summit.

2. What challenges does WES face, and how do you hope to meet them?

Our main challenge is figuring out all the logistics for an in-person Summit, especially as only one member in our team has had experience with an in-person summit. From the onset, we realised very quickly how much additional work and planning there is to do compared to a virtual Summit. Another challenge is navigating all the uncertainty in today's society, especially with the increasing inflation cost and the possibility of another Covid pandemic. However, we are very excited at the current direction that we are heading at, and grateful for all the support our past WES alumni have given to us!


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