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Ambassadors & Representatives

Represent and promote WES at other universities.

Both Ambassadors and Representatives are students nominated from outside Warwick University who promote the Summit within their university and recruit a delegation to attend.

They are the local point of contact for students at their university regarding Summit information and are expected to organise a delegation of fellow students.

Supporting the Ambassadors and Representatives along the way are dedicated Relationship Managers within the Externals Relations & Hospitality team, who will provide them with what is needed to succeed in such a role. 

Ambassador applications are encouraged over Representative applications from the EU and UK.


Virtual Delegation Only

Represent and promote the Summit to recruit delegates by marketing WES at your university


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Join our 300+ ambassador alumni network on LinkedIn

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Excellent addition to your resume/CV

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Exclusive opportunities to appear on our WESBlog, WESPod and Student Speakers series

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In-person and virtual delegation


Advertise and promote the Summit at your university to recruit delegates
Collaborate actively with the ERH team to manage arrival and departure, and help organise transportation and accommodation for the delegation.
Organise how your university takes part in the WES experience.


Everything a Representative gets

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Taking a vital role in executing Europe's largest and most prestigious student run conferences

Mentorship opportunities from our alumni, partners and sponsors - unparalleled guidance to help develop your career and interests

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Visit our world renowned university and beautiful campus and foster lifelong connections

Guaranteed spot at one in-person Meet the Speaker sessions for unique and deeper conversations with world-renowned speakers

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Awards for outstanding ambassadors

Network with international students and speakers at our famous Summit Ball, the highlight of the weekend

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Commitment, Communication and Responsibility

That's our only requirement.

Our Global Presence






Our First Hybrid WES to Date


Our Previous Ambassadors & representatives

"I think it was amazing hearing from high profile people who may not be talked about in the mainstream media as much."

- Victoria Tassini, UCL

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Interested in joining?

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