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5th - 7th February 2021

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We are an international forum for the world's brightest students and most influential speakers.

Every year we welcome students from universities across the world and speakers from Europe, Asia, Africa and America.

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Who are we?

 The Warwick Economics Summit is an entirely student-run international forum where talented university students listen to some of the world's most revered and inspirational speakers. The next edition will run from 31st January - 2nd February 2020.


The Summit's focus goes far beyond the field of economics, encompassing the broader spheres of the social sciences, including development, politics, psychology and international relations. It is this wide scope and diversity that sets the Summit apart from other events, ensuring that it remains relevant and in tune with today's wider issues.


The Summit has welcomed distinguished speakers such as:

  • Kevin Rudd, former Prime Minister of Australia

  • Five Nobel Laureates in Economics: including Prof. John F. Nash Jr and Prof. George Akerlof

  • Tawakkol Karman, journalist, activist and Nobel Peace Prize Laureate 

  • Laurence Tubiana, CEO of the European Climate Foundation

  • Dame Barbara Stocking, former CEO of Oxfam 

  • Mario Monti, former Prime Minister of Italy

  • Vítor Constâncio, Vice-President of the European Central Bank 




What to expect?


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