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9About the Summit

Welcome to the official website of the Warwick Economics Summit, an international forum for the world's brightest students and most influential speakers. Every year we welcome students from universities across the world and speakers from Europe, Asia, Africa and America.

The Summit is one of the largest student-run academic conferences in Europe: set apart from the rest by world-renowned figures, engaging debates and educational workshops touching on a range of global and economic issues, including politics, development and finance.

The weekend offers the chance to meet and learn from this truly diverse group of speakers and to socialise with delegates from around the world at our black tie ball.

The aim of our team is to provide a platform upon which to exchange knowledge, think creatively and debate current issues, all in the friendly environment of the University of Warwick.

9About the Department

The Warwick Department of Economics is the one of the most successful in the UK, consistently ranking within the top five economics departments across the country with excellent ratings in teaching, research and the student experience.

They have always been passionate supporters of student run activities and giving their students the greatest exposure to new ideas.

With the departments’ support the Summit has gone from strength to strength and we are looking forward to continuing our relationship with them for the coming year.

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