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Warwick Economics Summit was born in 2002 from one simple idea: ‘Join the debate.’ 21 years later, it remains the core of all the values we uphold at WES. We believe in the power of dialogue and discussion to reshape perspectives. Founded by the Press and Communications team in 2017, WESBlog’s mission is simple; create a forum where students and delegates can participate in debate by sharing their deepest economic and political convictions. 


This means we want to hear from you. We want your take on political and economic current affairs; well-researched, well-argued and well-presented. Whatever you have to say about the world, WESBlog is your opportunity to do so. We want only the best publications from our delegates, ambassadors and writers from 70+ universities/countries. Only the best will be published. To both encourage the spirit of economic and political debate, and honour one of our most esteemed graduates, the highest-quality submission at the end of each April receives the Mohieldin Prize for Intellectual Inquiry, and a £50 book token.


Crucially, we want your submission to be on a topic that you are passionate about.  We don’t want a narrative; we want your opinions, supported with quality discussion and analysis. Within the themes stipulated for this year’s summit (which can be found below) you have unlimited latitude to choose a topic and argue convincingly for a particular interpretation of it in one thousand words. This only applies after themes have been released; before theme release, submitted articles can be on any topic. Themes will be released on December 10th, and will appear below:


Information about the selection, review and publication process for WES Blog submissions, as well as our requirements for them, can be found here:


Short-form details

Long-form details


The mandatory guidelines for submissions to WESBlog can be found below. These must be adhered to in order to prevent the rejection of your article.


  1. We only accept submissions written in British English, and not in any other language.

  2. The only size condition is a hard 1200 maximum. If you wish to exceed this limit, please split your single article into a multiple-part series of articles.

  3. The P&C team reserves the right to reject any article if it does not meet our quality standards. These standards are, broadly, that

    1. Alternative perspectives to the one being argued for must be given fair consideration,

    2. The analysis of the issue in question must be thorough, in-depth, and considered.

  4. Submissions must be related to one of the Conference Themes outlined on the website, unless the themes of the conference have not yet been confirmed, in which case they do not need to be related.

  5. You may not claim to express the views of Warwick Economics Summit or the P&C team in your article; all views expressed will be your own.

  6. All articles submitted and/or accepted for publication by WES Blog must be original, and published nowhere else in the past, present, or future. Furthermore, plagiarism is strictly prohibited; any plagiarism will be detected, and prevent you from submitting and publishing any articles with WES at any point in the future.

  7. The use of images in your article is encouraged - but all images used must be either copyright free, or else owned or taken by you. In addition, one image must be chosen for your article thumbnail and presented at the very top of your submission - or else replaced at the top of the submission by the text: “I am not providing a thumbnail image because I want WES to choose one on my behalf”.

  8. A bibliography of all resources used while writing your article must be included in the bottom of your submission under the title “Resources”. Thereunder should be a bulleted list of URLs (for digital sources), or titles and authors/creators (for physical sources) - all images used must also be referenced.


For further enquiries, the Press & Communications team can be contacted here:


Finally, to actually submit an article for review and prospective publication on the WES Blog, please use one of the following Google forms:

  • For general submissions, submit here.

  • For officially recruited WES ambassadors and representatives, or confirmed delegates, submit here.


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Warwick Economics Summit is driven by its central, motivating slogan: ‘Join the Debate’.

In this spirit of promoting honest, inquisitive, and informed discussion - among the University of Warwick populus and far, far beyond - WES Blog was founded as the accompanying journalistic endeavour to Warwick Economics Summit, in 2017, by its Press and Communications team.

To this day, the WES Press and Communications team - today run by Lancelot Wilson and Josh Li, and made-up exclusively of engaged students at the University of Warwick - remains a forum for quality, well-researched economic and related student journalism. In fact, the blog may present the most compelling opportunity for the WES audience to remain immersed in thought-provoking discussion year-round - at our Summit and beyond.

This is why we keep the debate open - for it is not only the communication-savvy team behind WES that pens our topical content. The blog is home to great guest submissions from the Summit’s global network of Ambassadors, Representatives, Delegates and external audience members.

Through another of our curated content streams, We Respond, WES Blog asserts its voice in professional and dialectic journalistic discourse by offering compelling response pieces. The Summit revolves of course around the world-class line-up of events and speeches from thought-leaders in both academia and industry hosted at and by Warwick Economics Summit on an annual basis. From transcripts to summaries to exclusive interviews, the truly formative student experience of WES is incomplete without a trip to the WES Blog.

If you would like to inquire about press and communications related partnership and collaboration opportunities; about submissions to the WES Blog; or about attendance of the Warwick Economics Summit in a press capacity: please do not hesitate to contact the Press and Communications team via email:

For more information about the selection, review and publication process for WES Blog articles - as well as our requirements for article submissions from audience members - please see our terms and conditions document here.

Finally, to actually submit an article for review and prospective publication on the WES Blog, please use one of the following Google forms:

  • For general audience members, submit here

  • For officially recruited WES ambassadors and representatives, or confirmed delegates, submit here

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