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Since 2001, and through 2022 and beyond: Warwick Economics Summit has been dubbed the ‘DAVOS of student-led conferences’. Bringing critical economic debate to thousands of students worldwide: The Summit features the interviews, speeches and content that continue to unite the thought-leaders of today with the change-makers of tomorrow.

Find the detailed insight and sharper focus you’ve been looking for with Deep Dive, which examines diverse economic and socio-political trends of the past, present and future. Whether you’re interested in the green finance revolution, or never miss the latest foreign policy developments: chances are we’ve taken a deeper dive.

Deep Dive

Global View

From Warwick University to Berlin, Mumbai, Auckland, Shanghai and beyond: the truly global WES community delves into the issues that matter from all four corners of the world in Global View. Expect unique, internationally-minded student perspectives, shedding light on regionally diverse and often underreported stories.

We Respond pulls you into the heart of searing, topical discussion by delivering considered opinions and response pieces. Engaging the thought-leaders, journalists, events and articles that move us is how we immerse our audience in the fastest-developing stories; it’s how we join the debate.

We Respond

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