WES is going virtual.

We are excited to announce that the 20th Edition of the Warwick Economics Summit will be held online! The conference will be an interactive three-day experience from the 5th-7th of February 2021.

We believe this decision allows us to ensure the safety of our delegates, speakers, sponsors and partners, whilst maintaining the unique opportunity the summit provides to students around the world.

Our goal remains the same, to create an environment where students and current world leaders can come together to discuss multidisciplinary and intergenerational topics that address the global issues we face today.

We are excited by the opportunity the transition to a virtual conference presents, as it allows us to reach a wider audience of students from universities across the world to join and to build on the diverse line-ups of the past.

What you can expect:
1. Tickets are free but limited
2. Talks by world-renowned speakers with live Q&A
3. Seminars hosted by sponsors and partners
4. Meet the speaker sessions
5. Virtual Careers Fair
6. Mentorship Opportunities from our alumni, partners and sponsors
7. Opportunity to interact with delegates from across the world

Securing your ticket for WES2021:

Step 1: Pre-registration (30th November 2020 – 4th January 2021)

You must pre-register for a ticket to WES2021. There are four ticket types available. Please register for the most relevant ticket. The link to the pre-registration page can be found here.

Warwick University Students:​ If you are a current University of Warwick student, please pre-register for the ticket titled  "University of Warwick - Students".


Partner Universities: If you are an Ambassador, you will have received an access code for your ambassador ticket. For non-ambassador students, your respective ambassador will share a unique access code to register for your ticket. Whether you are already a confirmed delegate or not, you must pre-register for your corresponding      "University X - Students" ticket. To check whether your university has an ambassador and how to contact them, please follow this link: https://bit.ly/2V8H8St. For any queries or if you require assistance, please email externalscoordinator@warwickeconomicssummit.com


Non-Partner Universities: If you cannot find your university name in this list (https://bit.ly/2V8H8St) please pre-register for the ticket titled "Non-Partner University - Student".


Students aged 16-18: If you are a post-16 student, aged 16-18 years old, you must pre-register for the ticket titled "Post-16 Students (16-18)". The deadline to pre-register for your tickets is the 17th January. Unfortunately, you will not be able to apply for the ‘Meet the Speaker’ sessions.

Step 2: Register to secure your free ticket

Once you have pre-registered for your ticket, there will be another round of registration starting on the 22nd of January. Please note that a pre-registered ticket does not guarantee a ticket for the summit and you will have to register again in January. The free tickets will be distributed on a first come first serve basis

Step 3: Ticket activation

If you have successfully secured a free ticket to the summit you will receive an access code which will direct you to the platform. You will be able to access the platform on the 5th of February.

For any questions or assistance, please email operationscoordinator@warwickeconomicssummit.com


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