The success of Warwick Economics Summit is a testament to the hard work of the students who run it. I'm not sure I was that proactive when I was studying economics, but congratulations!
David Cameron
Former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom
The many students I met at Warwick were remarkable for both their thoughtfulness and their enthusiasm. It was a great pleasure getting to know them. This was, in every way, a terrific event.
Professor Steven E. Landsburg
Bestselling author of 'The Armchair Economist'
This is the most wonderful conference I've ever been at. The fact that it was arranged by students themselves is really marvellous. I think it's a truly great conference and I am tremendously pleased to be here.
Professor George A. Akerlof
Nobel Laureate in Economic Sciences (2001)
The Warwick Economics Summit is a great opportunity for people to come together and discuss issues of international importance such as unemployment, climate change and international development. It will be a valuable experience for all those that attend.
Theresa May
Prime Minister of the United Kingdom
It is a great honor to be invited to address the Warwick Economic Summit, which has become one of the largest academic conferences in Europe. I wish to commend the entire students and staff of the University of Warwick for inviting me to share my experiences at the Central Bank of Nigeria. I am highly delighted to be part of this summit where top policymakers, professionals and technocrats around the world meet to debate and exchange views on contemporary economic issues.
Sanusi Lamido Sanusi
Governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria
Very well organised! It has been a pleasure to attend the Economics Summit at Warwick University. A tremendously successful event! We are hoping, in this lifetime, to be able to revisit Warwick University.
John F. Nash Jr. and Alicia Nash
1994 Nobel Prize Laureate
I have attended WES every year for the past three years and I can honestly say that I think that it is one of the best events at Warwick University as well as in the United Kingdom that is run by students. I would say the world but my experience is constrained to the UK. Every year there is something new that takes WES to the next level. The speakers are always phenomenal and the social on Saturday is always one to remember!
J. Hothi
University of Warwick (2012 delegate)
The event in Warwick I got to join was of a very high inspiration to me. The way you organised the whole summit, including accomodation, talks, the easy-going agenda and the smiling faces of all the organizers, your commitment to this event and visible determination to make excellent was perfect and made everyone feel comfortable enough to concentrate purely on the economics with a hint of fun.
B. Martinková
Masaryk University in Brno The Czech Republic (2012 delegate)
The Warwick Economics Summit 2014 was superbly organised and provided a remarkable opportunity to engage with a large group of students on highly topical issues. I found the calibre of the organisers and participants to be excellent and am happy to recommend the Summit as a highly worthwhile engagement.
Ian Goldin
Former Vice President at the World Bank
The audience at the Warwick Economics Summit was fantastic - lively, receptive, full of questions. It was one of the most enjoyable conferences I've had the pleasure of addressing, and organised with great verve and professionalism.
Diane Coyle OBE
Vice Chairman of the BBC Trust
The Warwick Economics Summit is a terrific way for students to find out what is going on in economics and other social sciences. I was delighted to participate.
Eric Maskin
Economics Nobel Laureate 2007
In my view, the Summit is more important than a theoretical course. The students immediately learn what accountability means in their lives, what delivery is, what team-building is.
Enrico Letta
Former Prime Minister of Italy, 2013 - 2014
The Warwick Economics Summit is terrific. It combines an informed ‘behind the scenes’ look at the most important topics of the day with a unique opportunity to interact with key economic policymakers and delegations from around the world.
John B. Taylor
Professor at Stanford University and Founder of the Taylor Rule
I left very impressed not only by the conference, but also by the enthusiasm of the students with whom I was able to talk to briefly, by how nice your campus is, and by the quality of the speakers at the conference.
Stanley Fischer
Former Vice-Chairman of the Federal Reserve
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