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Why do you want to be in the WES Social Events Team in particular? What makes you a good candidate? Tell us about your experiences and what makes you stand out. (Max 250 words)

As the Summit has gone virtual this year, what virtual events would you put on during the breaks of the summit weekend to engage delegates and facilitate discussion around the summit (these should last around 30 mins), as well as limit the number of people that are in one ‘zoom room’? (Max 250 words)

What small social events would you put on throughout the year to facilitate team bonding (including virtual and non-virtual events) and how would you ensure highest possible attendance?  (Max 250 words)

How could we make our Alumni interact with current WES members and keep the Alumni engaged and informed about events throughout the year? Mention virtual and non-virtual events you could host. (Max 200 words)

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If you are successful to the next stage of the process, we will be doing in-person interviews and virtual ones for those who are shielding or abroad. Which would you prefer?

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