The Summit weekend is not only about listening to great speakers; it is also about discussing ideas with fellow delegates.

We have put together a variety of Seminars, with topics ranging from Electronic Trading to Social Mobility, in the hope that everyone will find something of interest. They will all commence with a short presentation on the subject and will be followed by an opportunity for delegates to discuss and voice their own opinions, allowing them to interact with one another, exchange ideas and debate upon the most pressing economic topics of today and tomorrow.

Seminars will take place on Saturday afternoon from 4pm to 5pm. Please register below for the seminar you wish to attend. Spaces are allocated on a first come first served basis.

You must be a registered ticket holder and have logged in into the website to sign up for seminars

;Electronic Trading in the 21st century

Room: OC0.01
Spaces: 71

;Are you the next future business leader?

Room: OC1.01
Spaces: 77


Room: OC1.04
Spaces: 59

;How fake news affects the real economy

Room: OC1.08
Spaces: 11

;The return of economic nationalism: the end of free trade?

Room: OC1.06
Spaces: 4

;China's demographic policies: from birth control to legal surrogacy?

Room: OC0.05
Spaces: 21

;Social Mobility: the effects of globalisation and education

Room: OC1.02
Spaces: 13

;Can the EU survive?

Room: OC1.09
Spaces: 24

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