The Summit weekend is not only about listening to great speakers; it is also about discussing ideas with fellow delegates.

We have put together a variety of Seminars, with topics ranging from Electronic Trading to Social Mobility, in the hope that everyone will find something of interest. They will all commence with a short presentation on the subject and will be followed by an opportunity for delegates to discuss and voice their own opinions, allowing them to interact with one another, exchange ideas and debate upon the most pressing economic topics of today and tomorrow.

Seminars will take place on Saturday afternoon from 4pm to 5pm. Please register below for the seminar you wish to attend. Spaces are allocated on a first come first served basis.

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;The limits to theory: how behavioural economics is tackling homo economicus

In our incredibly complex and dynamic world, the human rationality that lies at the foundation of economic theory is continuously being challenged by irrational, real-world human behaviour. Join us to explore whether we are really the paragons of reason we commonly assume ourselves to be and to learn more about how behavioural economics is influencing practical policy. We guarantee you will be the subject of real-life game theory experiments!

Room: TBC
Spaces: 43

;Inequality Across Time

Given by the Bocconi Delegation, this seminar will analyze the theme of income inequality across time and space. Through data collected from IMF and World Bank working papers, we will see how the general perception of a rising income inequality is deeply flawed. At the same time, we will discuss how rising inequality, or the mere sentiment of it, can foster social unrest. Finally, before leaving space to discussion and Q&A, we will show historical examples of individuals owning a substantial proportion of world wealth, in order to show how the concentration of wealth throughout history appears to decline when price purchase parity in different eras is accounted for.

Room: TBC
Spaces: 23

;Did they just kill the internet? : The drastic effects of the repeal of net neutrality

In December 2017, the US government (FCC) voted to end the Open Internet Order and net neutrality protection. We explore the bigger social and economic consequences of this shocking decision affecting the US and the world. Find out how the fate of the internet is threatened, why millions of Americans are enraged and what impacts are to follow! This seminar will be given by students of the UCLA delegation.

Room: TBC
Spaces: 60

;Commercial Awareness Workshop with ICAEW

Delivered by a member of ICAEW’s student recruitment team, this session will cover information on ICAEW, the ACA and gives students an opportunity to consider their current commercial awareness and how to develop it.

Room: TBC
Spaces: 95

;Economic Populism

In today’s age, the phenomenon of populism has been growing throughout the world, with the rise of many populist leaders – of which the President of America is only the most famous example. Leaders like him appeal to the masses and bring their own economic and political ideologies to the forefront. Join Prof. Herrera in an interactive and engaging setting and learn more about this controversial topic.

Room: TBC
Spaces: 49

;Navigating the Catalan Crisis: Independence in context

The situation is Catalonia is one of the main political issues at the moment in Europe. The outcome of this crisis will determine the future of the EU. How did we get here? What´s going on? How will it end?

Room: TBC
Spaces: 75

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