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WES Sunday: Ugandan election drama, the Brexit clock and no more empty football stadiums.

WES Sunday brings you a quick-fire rundown of your biggest weekly stories. Read the recap every Sunday - from ground-breaking headline events to underreported perspectives on the issues that matter.

This week’s roundup:

  1. Political Unrest in Uganda

  2. 26 Sleeps ‘Till Brexit

  3. Fans Return to Football

Political Unrest in Uganda

Presidential elections in Uganda are due to take place in January, but candidate Robert Kyagulanyi, also known as Bobi Wine, has proceeded to suspend his presidential campaign following violence against his team.

Bullets were fired at his own vehicle, and four members of his campaign team were injured as armed forces used tear gas to disperse his supporters.

Bobi Wine is hoping to oust current president, Museveni, who has been president since 1986, and is the only remaining dictator in East Africa.

26 Sleeps ‘Till Brexit

The Brexit countdown is ticking as Johnson and European Commission President Ursula Von Der Layen attempt to break the post-Brexit trade deal.

After leaving the EU on the 31st of January, Britain remains under EU trading laws until 31st December. Reportedly the government believes their chances of reaching a trade agreement is around 50%.

Lack of a trade deal would mean that border checks and taxes will be introduced for goods travelling between the EU and the UK.

Fans Return to Football

After the national lockdown ended and the new tier system as introduced in England, fans have been permitted to return to football stadiums.

The number of fans returning to stadiums is dependent on what tier the stadium is in. In tier 1 areas, 4000 supporters may return, and in tier 2, 2000. Fans inside the stadiums must be socially distanced, masked, with three seats between others. Food and drink is not being sold.



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