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WES Sunday: of abortion rights and COVID-19 developments in Asia.

WES Sunday brings you a quick-fire rundown of your biggest weekly stories. Read the recap every Sunday - from ground-breaking headline events to underreported perspectives on the issues that matter.

This week's roundup:

  1. Argentina becomes the fourth South American country to legalize abortion.

  2. Asia: China's bizarre measure against COVID-19. Asian Development Bank rolls out Covid vaccine scheme


Argentina becomes the 4th Latin American country to legalize abortion

The bill, submitted last month by the leftwing president, Alberto Fernández, was approved on Friday morning by the lower house after a heated debate lasting 20 hours. Argentina’s feminist movement has spent decades pushing for change, with an attempt to decriminalize abortion failing to clear the senate in 2018.

This was celebrated in other parts of Latin America, a predominantly Roman Catholic continent where women’s rights activists hope that Argentina’s example could be repeated in neighboring countries.

Asian Development Bank rolls out $9bn Covid vaccine scheme

The Asian Development Bank approved a $9bn funding scheme to support developing countries in Asia in delivering covid-19 jabs to their citizens. The initiative will be accompanied by a $500m financial credit facility to help countries secure “safe and Effective” vaccines. Countries such as Indonesia and the Philippines are likely to struggle with storage and delivery.

China Aviation Administration asks cabin crew to wear nappies to reduce virus risk (BBC)

The Civil Aviation Administration of China urged airline cabin crews to wear disposable nappies while on duty and avoid using the lavatory. The advice applies to charter flights traveling to countries where the infection rate is higher than 500 people per million. Pilots and passengers are exempt from this bizarre measure.


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