At the Warwick Economics Summit we welcome students from across the globe every year.

In some years over 50% of our audience has come from outside of the University of Warwick, hailing from as close as Oxford to as far as The Gambia.

The Summit is, and always has been, an event fit for a globalised world. That's why we'll be offering more external tickets for sale this year than ever before.

Delegates from outside the EU may need to apply for travel visas. If needed, we will send delegates a sponsored letter from our coordinators, which should speed up the process of acquiring a visa.

Not all of our guests require exactly the same thing, so we've put together a range of options for those coming from different counties, countries or continents:

  • Standard tickets: guarantee entry to all Summit events, including the talks and the Summit ball.

  • Premium (Shared) tickets: include everything that a standard ticket does, with the addition of shared-room accommodation on campus for two nights (Friday and Saturday) and breakfast and lunch on both days.

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