Posted on the 19th October 2017 by Elias, Talks Team Member


We are pleased to announce our first WES Presents of this academic year, on Thursday 26th October (4.45pm-6pm) featuring Sir John Vickers, Former Chief Economist at Bank of England. This is part of a series of free stand-alone events in the months leading up to the Summit.

Sir John Vickers will be talking on the topic “Banking reform: has it gone far enough?"

Throughout his extensive career Sir John Vickers has worked in academia, the public and the private sector. Educated in Oxford under the supervision of Nobel Laureate and former WES speaker Sir James Mirrlees, he started his career in the oil industry. Shortly after he entered academia as the Drummod Professor of Political Economy from 1991 to 2008 as well as visiting professor at Harvard, the London Business School, and the Woodrow Wilson School of Princeton.

From 1998 to 2000 Sir John vickers also held the prestigious position as Chief Economist at the Bank of England and served on the Monetary Policy Committee. Recently, he has spearheaded United Kingdom’s efforts on reforming the banking sector, chairing the Independent Commission on Banking as well as returning to academia as professor at the All Souls College in Oxford.

Sir John Vickers has written several papers specialising in the economics of competition and regulation and has been a vocal voice on past and current economic affairs.

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