WES Presents: Dr. Madsen Pirie

Posted on the 11th January 2017 by Ieva


We are very pleased to present to you our last WES Presents event leading up to the WES 2017. The event will host Dr. Madsen Pirie, the President of the Adam Smith Institute, on Wednesday, 18th January.

As one of the founders, and current President, Madsen Pirie has contributed greatly to the work carried out by one of the most influential think tanks in the UK. Dr. Pirie’s career began in the United States, where he worked in the US Congress for the Republican Study Committee, as well as a Professor of Logic and Philosophy at Hilsdale College in Michigan. It was there that Dr. Pirie joined his former friends, Eamonn and Stuart Butler, and returned back to the UK to establish the Adam Smith Institute in 1977. This free-market leaning think tank was particularly influential in the 1980s, as they advocated Margaret Thatcher’s push for privatisation and neoliberal policies; Dr. Pirie here being a key figure behind this.

Dr. Pirie has authored prolific books, including “How to Win Every Argument”, “101 Great Philosophers”, and as well several popular books on IQ, co-authored with his colleague Eamonn Butler. In describing his and the Institute’s philosophy, he once remarked: "We propose things which people regard as being on the edge of lunacy. The next thing you know, they're on the edge of policy". His work led him to receive the National Free Enterprise Award, along with Eamonn Butler in 2010.

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