Thank You for WES 2015

Posted on the 16th February 2015 by Max, Summit Coordinator


The Warwick Economics Summit 2015 is now sadly over, however we will always be proud to have hosted such an incredible weekend. We hope you enjoyed a Summit filled with inspiring speakers, engaging seminars, excellent hospitality and of course our magnificent Casino Royale Ball on Saturday evening. The Summit weekend would not have been possible without the contributions of so many people and we would thus like to now extend a few thank you's to all of those who made the weekend happen.

Firstly, we would like to thank all of our delegates, without whom the Summit would not be the amazing experience that it is. You brought enthusiasm, passion and excitement to the 2015 Summit and it is a wonderful privilege to have been able to host delegates from all over the UK and the world at large for the weekend. This Summit is for you, and it was amazing to see the buzz that you generated during the weekend, making all of our work worthwhile.

Equally so, we extend thanks to our prestigious line up of speakers; Vitor Constancio, Dermot Nolan, Sir Partha Dasgupta, George Buckley, Jan Vincent-Rostowski, Dr Min Zhu, Raoul Pal, Professor Abhinay Muthoo, Alberto Forchielli, Chad Bown, Athanasios Orphanides, Henry Curr, Simon Anholt and Dr Claire Crawford; for attending the Summit and for delivering such inspiring, engaging and thought provoking talks. It has been a great honour for WES 2015 to have hosted such a line up of prominent and distinguished speakers and we are confident from feedback that every single one of our talks was incredibly well received.

Of course, an incredible amount of behind the scenes work goes into planning and implementing the Warwick Economics Summit. One crucial part of this is sponsorship and so we'd like to thank our sponsors, the Warwick Department of Economics, Bloomberg, Barclays and TeachFirst, for all of the support they have given to WES 2015, whether through financial means or through giving us the opportunity to host worthwhile networking sessions and seminars during the weekend, the much appreciated support of our sponsors is a key element of the Warwick Economics Summit.

We'd also like to thank the staff at the University of Warwick, from the Department of Economics, the Student's Union, Scarman House, the Ramphal Building and university management who have all played vital roles in supporting the logistics of the Summit and again, the Summit would not have been possible without the continued support of the university.

Finally, we'd like to thank the WES 2015 team who have all been incredible in their roles this year and who have consistently gone above and beyond the call of duty in ensuring that the Summit was a success. The organisation of the Summit has been much hard work this year and it has been amazing to see all of that work pay off this year for the Summit weekend. To everybody in our Communications, External Marketing & Hospitality, Finance & Sponsorship, Internal Marketing & Operations, Social Events, Talks and Tech teams, we'd like to give a massive thank you for all of the efforts that they have put in this year to pull off such a memorable Summit. Of course, our Summit Coordinators, Maria Vittoria Foglia and James Sullivan deserve an incredible amount of thanks for their unwavering and consistent passion and dedication to the Summit over the past year, without whom, WES 2015 would not have been as incredible as it was.

To everyone who contributed to the planning and operation of this weekend; from delegates, speakers, sponsors, university staff and our team, thank you so very much and we hope that you will continue your involvement with WES in years to come.

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