Goodbye from the 2013 Coordinators

Posted on the 28th February 2013 by Gareth


It's hard to believe that it's a whole year since we first took over as Coordinators for 2013's Warwick Economics Summit, and it's not without a twinge of nostalgia that we now pass on our duties in turn to Gareth and Christian. But we are at least safe in the knowledge that they bring with them bags of experience and all the enthusiasm and ambition that we could ask for.

When we first started drawing up our plans for this year's Summit, we knew we wanted to make it bigger, better, and more widely recognised than ever before. That meant bringing in a previously unsurpassed calibre of speaker, attracting broad range of students from all over the globe, building a real presence in the media and, of course, making the weekend itself one to remember. Ultimately, it's not our job to decide finally whether we managed all that or not. It's up to the delegates. But we're proud of what we've achieved together, and we move on knowing that so many students left the Summit inspired.

It would be completely wrong for us to claim sole responsibility for the successes of Warwick Economics 2013, though. In fact, a team of almost 50 students was working busily away behind the scenes for months in advance to make sure that everything ran smoothly on the weekend. We want to thank our Talks Team, which brought in some truly world class speakers, our Marketing Teams, which made the Summit more popular than ever before, our Socials Team, which delivered the best Summit Ball that anybody can remember, our PR and IT Teams, which made such an impact whilst remaining almost invisible, and our Finance Team which masterfully managed a tight budget.

It really has been a privilege to work with so many talented people, and to meet so many more at the Summit itself. If we could wind back the clock and do it all again then we would, but we'll settle for the memories of a wonderful year.

We'll be back next year, we hope, but as spectators. Until then let us just thank everybody once more for all that they have given. It hasn't been easy, but it was worth every moment.

Harry Rhys Brooks and Antonia Fischer
Summit Coordinators 2013

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