Announced: Sir Partha Dasgupta

Posted on the 7th January 2015 by Shanta, Communications Coordinator


We are delighted to announce the next speaker in the WES 2015 line-up, Sir Partha Dasgupta

Sir Partha Dasgupta, a renowned development economist with a special interest in the fields of economics of poverty and nutrition, environmental and resource economics and economics of population. Dasgupta, born in Dhaka, boasts two bachelor degrees: one in Physics from the University of Delhi and the other in Mathematics from the University of Cambridge and later obtained a Ph.D. in Economics from the University of Cambridge.
From 1971 until 1984 Dasgupta taught at LSE, Cambridge University and Stanford and is now a Fellow at St. John’s College at the University of Cambridge and the Professional Research Fellow at the Sustainable Consumption Institute, University of Manchester.

In 1996 he helped establish the Journal of Environment and Development Economics published by Cambridge University Press. The aim of the journal is not only to publish relevant research in the field, but to give an opportunity to scholars in less developed countries to publish their findings in an international journal. Since 1999, Dasgupta has been a Founder Member of the Management and Advisory Committee of the South Asian Network for Development and Environmental Economics (SANDEE) and in 2009 Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II awarded him the title of ‘Knight Bachelor’ in her birthday honor list ‘for services to Economics’.

Dasgupta’s research is unique in bringing together natural resources, demography and welfare of nations in his studies. In his view, it is vital to combine other disciplines with economic concepts, for example, when studying the poverty in the Third World Dasgupta closely engages with anthropologists and ecologists.
According to him, the greatest challenge in economics today is appreciating that natural constraints cannot be eliminated through education and research and it is important to understand the isolation of externalities and human activities from the market system.

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