Announced: Siobhan Benita

Posted on the 18th November 2014 by Max, Summit Coordinator


Our third speaker for the Warwick Economics Summit is Siobhan Benita

Siobhan Benita is a policy advisor, politician and former civil servant who is currently Chief Policy and Strategy Officer of the Warwick Department of Economics and Co-Director of the Warwick Policy Lab. With nearly 20 years of experience in the fields of government and policy making, Siobhan has an incredible amount of experience and insight on today’s current political and economic issues.

A graduate of Warwick University, where she received a BA in English and German, then subsequently a MA in Modern German, Siobhan joined the Civil Service graduate scheme in 1996. As a member of the ‘fast stream’ programme within the Civil Service, Siobhan worked in many government departments, including Transport, Environment and Local Government before moving to the Cabinet Office in 2006 with a remit to reform the Civil Service. It was through this role that she established Civil Service Live, an annual conference bringing management officials together to discuss governance in the UK, alongside Tabelle, a network for women who work in the public sector.

In 2009, Siobhan became Head of Corporate Management at the Department of Health before resigning from the Civil Service in January 2012 to stand as an independent candidate in the 2012 London Mayoral election. Despite being an independent candidate with no political party machine or backing, Siobhan came fifth in the election, ahead of two major political parties and within 0.36% of the Liberal Democrats.

She was appointed as Chief Policy and Strategy Officer at the Warwick Department of Economics in 2013, being responsible for overseeing administration and the strategic aims of the department. Siobhan also established the Warwick Policy Lab in this role, which she currently is Co-Director of. Aside from her duties at Warwick, Siobhan is a regular contributor in the media, making frequent appearances on television and radio on the topics of public policy and gender issues. She is currently married with two children and lives in London.

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