Announced: Dr. Sam Potolicchio

Posted on the 22nd November 2015 by Sumeeta, Communications Coordinator


We’re very delighted to release our second speaker from our WES 2016 speaker lineup, Dr Sam Potolicchio. Dr Potolicchio has previously made an appearance at WES 2014, and this year we are very pleased to welcome him back for WES 2016!

Dr Sam Potolicchio is currently the lecturer on American Politics at Georgetown’s Global Education Institute. He also has been appointed Distinguished Professor and Department Chair of Global Leadership Studies at the Russian Presidential Academy, the largest socioeconomic and humanities university in Europe.

He earned a BA in Psychology from Georgetown, a MA in Theological Studies from Harvard, and a further bachelors, a masters and a doctorate from Georgetown.

Dr Potolicchio holds relevant positions in several international programs. He is President of the Preparing Global Leaders Foundation, an international leadership training scheme based in Russia, Jordan and Macedonia, and academic director for Georgetown’s Global Visiting Student Program. He is also the official lecturer on American Federalism for the Open World Leadership program, where he speaks weekly to visiting dignitaries from the post-Soviet republics.

Dr. Potolicchio is a well renowned figure in the academic context. He was named by the Princeton Review as one of the “Best Professors in America” in 2012, the only one chosen from his field. Furthermore, he won the K. Patricia Cross Award from the American Association of Colleges and Universities as one of the future leaders of American higher education in 2011.

Alongside his career in the academic field, he advises top political officials, business leaders, and governments in more than 20 countries including CEO’s, members of parliament, and high-ranking appointed officials in several European countries.

Dr Potolicchio also serves as the scholar-in-residence at the Landon School and as basketball coach leading his team, the Jelleff Hoyas, to 6 undefeated championship seasons.

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