Announced: Raoul Pal

Posted on the 10th December 2014 by Max, Summit Coordinator


We're proud to announce a new addition to the WES 2015 speakers

Raoul Pal is a hedge fund manager and entrepreneur who has nearly 25 years experience of investment & hedge fund management, having worked in a wide range of roles over his career. Currently, Raoul is working on launching Real Vision Television, the world's first on demand web TV channel for finance, as the latest in his line of investment and entrepreneurial endeavours.

In addition to being the co-founder of Real Vision Television, he is also the founder of The Global Macro Investor, an elite macro economic and investment strategy research service for the world's leading hedge funds. In addition to his businesses, Raoul also serves as an adviser to several government organisations and family investment offices globally. His career began after graduating from the University of Plymouth with an honours degree in Economics and Law. He went on to work for investment banks such as Goldman Sachs, where he co-managed the hedge fund sales business in equities and equity derivatives, before going on to found a hedge fund for GLG Partners, one of the world's largest hedge fund firms.

Raoul has also enjoyed a prominent presence in the media, having been the author of "The End Game", which is the most read financial article in the history of the internet, along with being a consultant for the successful BBC television series "Million Dollar Traders". On this show, Raoul undertook the financial market and investment training of the contestants. He currently lives in the Cayman Islands and travels frequently to manage his extensive entrepreneurial, financial & media portfolio.

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