Announced: Mr. Ollie Purdue

Posted on the 1st February 2016 by Aakanksha, Communications Coordinator


Mr. Ollie Purdue is CEO & Founder of Loot, a highly promising start-up that is pioneering alternative banking services for the next generation of students.

Having first thought of the idea for Loot while studying Law at the University of West England (UWE), Mr Purdue originally set out with little more than a sales pitch after graduating in 2014. Taking this idea to a "pre-accelerator" called Fast Forward in London, he developed an effective business strategy for Loot as well as an App prototype, with which he raised £300,000 from 8 separate city backers as an initial investment. In 2015 Loot became a member of Level39, the largest Fintech accelerator in Europe, launched their first product in September and has now secured partnerships with several top universities in the UK. Loot is currently nominated for “FinTech Startup of the Year”, at the Fintech Innovation Awards 2016, and is due to launch their first current account early this year.

Mr. Purdue’s innovative and rapidly growing business, his young age as well as his extensive knowledge of finance technology have made him sought after at conferences and summits around the world. In his presentations, Ollie analyses the future of payments and particularly the issues affecting today’s students as well as the unbanked and emerging markets. He also focuses on the issues of privacy and the use of personal data.

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