Announced: Mr. Martin Wolf

Posted on the 6th December 2016 by Orsola Maria


Warwick Economics Summit 2017 is delighted to announce the third speaker of the event - Mr. Martin Wolf, Chief Economics commentator at the Financial Times.

Following his MPhil in Economics from the University of Oxford, Mr. Martin Wolf CBE chose not to pursue a PhD qualification, instead opting to practically apply what he had learnt to the world. Wolf, throughout his career, has certainly stayed true to his philosophy; his time at the World Bank shaped his views on free market and globalisation, a concept he championed whilst he was the Director of Studies at the Trade Policy Research Centre in London. He then moved to the Financial Times in 1987, and was promoted to his current role as Chief Economics Commentator in 1996.

Mr. Wolf is also a prominent author, with books such as “Why Globalisation Works” and “The Shifts and The Shocks: What we’ve learned, and have to still learn from the Financial Crisis”. Both, once again, are instilled with practical applications and his Keynesian views on economic issues. Mr. Wolf has also been involved in the UK’s Independent Commission on Banking, and a Forum Fellow of the World Economic Forum since 1999. Finally, his experiences and practical application allows Mr. Wolf to speak with authority on topics ranging from monetary reform to climate change.

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