Announced: George Buckley

Posted on the 16th January 2015 by Max, Summit Coordinator


As our fifth announcement of the week, on the day that internal tickets go on sale, we're delighted to announce a new speaker for WES 2015

George Buckley is one of the leading UK economists in the world. He is the Chief Economist at Deutsche Bank UK since 2005 and is highly involved with writing articles for weekly publications, such as the Economist, participating in the radio and TV programs and writing for the national financial press.

He was born in Lancashire and moved to Bangor to complete his bachelor’s degree in Economics. He graduated from the Bangor University in 1993 and went to Bristol University to study MSc in Economics and Finance. His academic achievements allowed him to obtain a scholarship in to study PhD in Economics of the Housing Market. In 1998 Buckley joined Deutsche Bank as an Economist and has since been promoted to the Chief UK Economist position, a job which involves creating economic forecasts and supporting the trading desks at Deutsche Bank.

He says that the current economic climate is a dramatic change from the age of ‘great moderation’ classified by strong economic growth and steady inflation. Having started his career at a time of economic stability, Buckley is says that the current situation poses a challenge for the economists; however, this is an exciting period of time for the economic research.

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