Announced: Dr. Peter Wuffli

Posted on the 29th November 2016 by Ieva


Warwick Economics Summit 2017 to host Dr. Peter Wuffli, Former Group CEO of UBS and Current Chairman of the Elea Foundation.

Dr. Peter Wuffli has enjoyed a sparkling career; from his achievements in academia as a PhD and MBA graduate from St Gallen and Wharton School respectively, to leadership positions in two of the world’s top firms McKinsey & Company, and UBS AG. He initially began his career at the latter as the Chief Financial Officer, after overseeing the merger of the Swiss Bank Corporation and the Union Bank of Switzerland, into what we know today as UBS. In 1999, he was appointed Chairman and CEO of UBS Asset Management, followed closely by a move up to President in 2001, before eventually becoming the Group CEO of UBS AG in 2003.

Following his resignation, Dr. Wuffli co-founded the Elea Foundation for Ethics in Globalisation, through which he is able to ‘fight poverty through entrepreneurial means’. He also enjoys opera, serving as the Vice Chairman of the Zurich Opera House. More recently, Dr. Wuffli has been promoting diversity and inclusiveness in organisations through his book “Inclusive Leadership: A Framework for the Global Era”.

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