Announced: Dr Claire Crawford

Posted on the 3rd February 2015 by Max, Summit Coordinator


Here is a new addition to our WES 2015 line up

Dr Claire Crawford is current an Assistant Professor of Economics at the University of Warwick as well as being a Research Fellow at the Institute for Fiscal Studies. Dr Crawford’s primary research interests are in the economics of education and labour economics, having done extensive research on these areas throughout her academic career and time at the Institute for Fiscal Studies.

Dr Crawford was educated at Lancaster University, where she received a first class honours in Economics in 2003, before moving onto University College London to study for an MSc in Economics. She graduated from there in 2004 and began her career with the Institute for Fiscal Studies. Initially, she was a Research Economist before being promoted to Senior Research Economist in 2007. Furthermore, Crawford then was appointed as Programme Director of the Skills section at the IFS in 2010, serving until the end of 2013 when she became a Research Fellow upon accepting a post as Assistant Professor of Economics in the Warwick Economics Department, commencing at the start of 2014, where she teaches on research in applied economics and microeconometrics. Dr Crawford also continues to serve as the Managing Editor of Fiscal Studies, a major publication paper within the Institute.

Throughout her academic career, Dr Crawford’s primary research interests have been the economics of education. She gained her PhD in 2012 from the University of London in this field, and has been researching the topic both before and after her postgraduate studies. Specifically, she focuses upon determinants of educational attainment and HE participation, relating to socio-economic status, aspiration, parental marital status and societal expectations. Dr Crawford’s research is related to how education can be used to improve the lives of children from disadvantaged backgrounds. She has worked with the Department of Education working on evaluating a number of education programmes and is a leading figure in the field of education reform and closing the attainment gap.

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