Announced: David Halpern

Posted on the 2nd February 2017 by Orsola Maria


Warwick Economics Summit 2017 is delighted to announce that David Halpern, Chief Executive of the UK's Behavioural Insights Team, will address the audience at the event.

Evident through his early interest in social psychology experiments, David Halpern is now a leading psychologist in public policy. As the Board Director and Chief Executive of the Behavioural Insights Team, Mr. Halpern is dedicated to establishing a government institution focused on behavioural science and designing public services that draws on empirical research. Prior to this, Mr. Halpern was the founding Director of the Institute for Government and was the Chief Analyst at the Prime Minister’s Strategy Unit between 2001-2007.

Before entering the public policy sphere, Mr. Halpern held tenure at Cambridge and posts at Harvard and Oxford, encouraged by the economic historian Avner Offer. He has written several books and papers on areas relating to behavioural insights and wellbeing, including Social Capital (2005), the Hidden Wealth of Nations (2010), and co-authored the MINDSPACE report. His most popular book about the Behavioural Insights Team entitled 'Inside the Nudge Unit: How Small Changes Can Make a Big Difference' has been highly praised by critics around the world.

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