An Introduction to the 2014 Coordinators

Posted on the 3rd March 2013 by Gareth


First of all, let us introduce ourselves. Gareth is a Management student at Warwick Business School who has been with the Summit since his first year, and he was Internal Marketing & Operations Coordinator for Warwick Economics Summit 2013. Christian is a Computer Science finalist, and was head of the IT team for the 2012 weekend. We're both very happy to be continuing our own involvement with WES, each building upon two years of executive experience.

We'd like to thank this year's team for doing such an excellent job on the Warwick Economics Summit 2013. They really should be proud of their efforts and their accomplishments. We would also like to thank all of the speakers, who so selflessly gave their time and asked for nothing in return. The standard overall this year was incredibly high, and we realise that living up to it in a year's time will be no easy task.

Although taking over the reigns from Harry and Antonia, the 2013 Coordinators, seems pretty daunting right now, we're excited too. We want to raise the bar even higher with the 2014 weekend. For that, we’ll need to recruit a new executive committee, which is why we have just opened recruitment for the positions of Talks Coordinator, Finance and Sponsorship Coordinator, and Communications Coordinator. You can read more about what we're looking for elsewhere on the website.

Economics forms a huge part of our society today. With the recent downgrading of Britain’s credit rating, and confidence in the banking system at an all-time low, bright minds are at a premium. That's makes the Summit and the students who join us every year so relevant, and why it's so important that we use our time as Coordinators as best we can.

We'd like to thank you for your continued support for the Summit, and we look forward to seeing you in February 2014.

Christian Reddington and Gareth Cork
Summit Coordinators 2014

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