WES 2021 Meet the Speakers Application

Meet the Speaker sessions are a unique opportunity, offered by the Warwick Economics Summit, for students to have a closer, more informal discussion with some of our revered speakers.


The sessions consist of 6 to 8 students on a video call with a speaker of their choice, where they will have an opportunity to ask questions and discuss important issues in a closer, more informal format.


Not all speakers at WES2021 are available for MTS, and applications to the sessions are competitive. You must submit two potential questions you would ask the speaker, along with your personal details. You may submit multiple applications, however you will only be accepted onto one MTS session.

Apply here:



Two speakers who are unable to hold Meet the Speaker sessions will be doing a live Q&A session following their speeches instead. You can send your questions to them through the links below:

1. Antoinette Monsio Sayeh (Deputy Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund):


2. Jose Angel Gurría (Secretary General of the OECD):



If your question is selected, we will be in touch to confirm session timing. Please note that you must have pre-registered for a WES2021 Ticket to be eligible to apply.