External Tickets

At the Warwick Economics Summit we welcome students from across the globe every year.

External Tickets are tickets for non-Warwick students only. In recent years over 50% of our audience has come from outside of the University of Warwick, hailing from as close as Oxford to as far as The Gambia and Singapore.

Not all of our guests require exactly the same thing, so we've put together a range of options for those coming from different counties, countries or continents:

External Standard External Premium Shared*
3 Course Meal & Ball
2 Nights Accomodation
Shared Room
Price £70 £180

*Please note that if you plan to share a room with friends, each member of your party must purchase an External Premium Shared ticket and set a sharing preference when registering your ticket on the Warwick Economics Summit website. You may also set the preference to N/A and we will allocate your room.

If you are planning to come to the Summit with a group of more than 10 people, please get in touch with our External Marketing and Hospitality Team at externalscoordinator@warwickeconomicssummit.com before purchasing tickets.

*This information is with regards to the WES 2017 Summit, and is subject to change for future Summits.

9 How to Buy Tickets


  1. Register on the WES website.

  2. Fill in the standardised list of delegates and start collecting the money from your delegates.

  3. Once the list is confirmed, we will send you a log-in and password that you can use to login to our Students Union website. We will send you the purchase link together with your unique logins via email.

  4. Once logged in, you can purchase tickets for your delegates and yourself. Remember to choose between: (i) External Standard (without accommodation): £69 (ii) Premium shared: £179

  5. You will receive a reference code for our transaction. Send this code to your delegates and ask them to register an account or log in to our website.

  6. Once logged in on WES website, ask delegates to ACTIVATE their tickets by using the reference code you have sent them. They will need to fill in some personal preferences such as dietary requirements, roommates etc. (Please remember to do the same for yourself)

  7. Before the Summit, we will give you further details about applying for Meet the Speakers and registering for seminars. Remind delegates to do so.


  1. Register your interest with your local ambassador by 21st December and let him/her know which ticket you are buying: (i) External standard (without accommodation): £69 (ii) Premium shared: £179

  2. Pay the money to your ambassador and he/she will purchase the ticket on your behalf.

  3. Once the ambassador has purchased your ticket, he/she will send you a reference code.

  4. Please log in or register an account on the Warwick Economics Summit website.

  5. Activate your ticket using your reference number. You will also have to fill in some personal preferences such as dietary requirements or roommates.

  6. Before you come to the Summit, we will send you further notice about applying for Meet the Speakers and Seminars so do keep an eye on it!

That's it! We're looking forward to meeting you in person at the Summit! If you have any enquiries, please feel free to contact our Externals team: externals@warwickeconomicssummit.com If you encounter any technical difficulties during the whole process, our Tech team will be more than happy to assist you: it@warwickeconomicssummit.com

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