What is the role of a WES Ambassador?

An ambassador is a student nominated from outside Warwick University who acts as a representative for the Summit. As such, you will be responsible for promoting the Summit nationally and overseas through social networking, distributing posters and flyering. You are the local point of contact for students at their university on information regarding the Summit and are encouraged to organise a delegation of fellow students to attend the Summit.

Working with us as an integral part of the Externals Marketing & Hospitality team, your role ranges from improving our campus presence to answering queries of interested delegates and updating them on our latest developments. Supporting you along the way are dedicated Ambassador Managers within the Externals Marketing & Hospitality team who will provide you with what you need to succeed in your role.

This year, the opportunity will be open to students in UK universities following many requests to expand the scheme nationally. The responsibilities of the role are the same, you will be helping us to provide updates and better access to the Summit for students at home.

Becoming an Ambassador is an excellent opportunity for you to demonstrate your creativity, to perfect your marketing skills, and to play an active part in a world renowned academic conference.


To apply for a position as a Warwick Economics Summit Ambassador, you will need to answer the following:

  • A copy of your CV
  • An answer to "Why do you want to become an ambassador for WES 2019?" (Maximum 100 words)
  • An answer to "What would your marketing strategy be as an ambassador?" (Maximum 100 words)
  • How many people do you think you can reasonably bring, and what might be the complications that would stop you from achieving this number? (Maximum 50 words, can use bullet points)

Send your applications to, and we will review your application over the course of the week. Note that while ambassadors are now accepted on a rolling basis, the applications will be opened October 1st, and end at December 10th!. Note that while you can submit an application afterwards, should we already have an ambassador from your university, we will be very unlikely to consider your application.


For any inquiries regarding the role, applicants are encouraged to contact the External Marketing and Hospitality Team at

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