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Meet the Coordinators and Team Members that make WES happen. For any inquiry and team member applications, don't hesitate to contact the relevant team coordinators.

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Summit Coordinators

The Coordinators take overall command of the Summit with influence over every aspect of its planning and implementation. On the weekend itself the Coordinators will be responsible for the general image of the Summit and organisation of the summit's extensive team. They will also be on hand to answer any questions from delegates, speakers and sponsors.

Talks Team

The Talks Team works to secure a  variety of high-profile speakers for the Summit. From Nobel Prize Winners to Central Bank Governors, year upon year the Summit can claim to welcome movers and shakers of the economic, political and business worlds. Inviting speakers and organizing their speaking arrangements and logistics are just a few of the tasks involved in creating the Summit. 

Operations Team

The Operations Team manages the logistics and operations throughout the year and for the Summit weekend itself. The team is responsible for taking care of all of the background activities that keep the Summit running efficiently behind the scenes- it has the vital task of ensuring that the delegates of the Summit receive the highest quality of experience at the University of Warwick. 

Communications Team

The Communications Team is responsible for all communications, both internally and externally, regarding the Summit. They liaise with the media, ranging from national press outlets to student publications in order to give the Summit as much coverage as possible. They are also responsible for the management of the prominent social media presence that the Summit enjoys. 

External Relations & Hospitality Team

Responsible for marketing the Warwick Economics Summit to students outside the University of Warwick. The Summit attracts students from top universities across the world - last year it hosted over 200 external delegates from 17 different countries!

The team also provides delegates with premium accommodation and directions on how to arrive on campus, while also ensuring that the external participants are comfortable throughout their stay.

Tech Team


The Tech Team is responsible for the maintenance of the Warwick Economics Summit website and all the technical aspects that the Summit requires throughout the year. These crucial responsibilities range from ticketing to live-streaming the talks during the weekend. This year, the Tech Team has worked hard to bring you a revised version of the WES app and will continue to do so all the way up to the Summit weekend.

Marketing Team

The Marketing team is responsible for building and promoting the WES brand throughout and beyond campus, all year-round. The team has the role of coming up with social media content and creative ways to announce our speakers and events, designing and making the promotional material, and ensuring that WES 2020 is a sell-out success, just like every year before it.

Social Events Team

The Social Events Team is the creative engine that drives the Summit Ball, which is widely regarded as one of the highlights of the University of Warwick's social calendar. In addition, the team will be responsible for organising the many social events on which are built the core elements of The Summit team: friendship, relationships and memories.

Finance & Sponsorship Team

The Finance and Sponsorship Team is responsible both for management of the summit finances and raising sponsorship, ensuring our partners get the exposure they deserve. Working with our high profile sponsors for mutual benefit is a big part of the team's role, and we are also responsible for the departmental budget allocation, control of summit spending and ensuring we can get the most out of one of the largest society budgets on campus.

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