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Describe your motivation to join WES and the Comms team in particular.

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Write a blog post in the style of WES about an economic, business or political issue of your choice. We encourage you to support your stance with data while writing creatively with journalistic flair.  

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The Comms team creates content for WES. Our current content pool includes our blog, WESunday, WESExclusive, Infographics and the Speaker Interviews.  What ways could WES further improve and/or increase the content on its platform?

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Every year, the Comms team interviews our speakers for the Summit.   Please tell us the two questions you would ask either I) Professor Andrea Sironi, Chairman of Borsa Italiana (WES 2019 Speaker), ii) Tawakkol Karman (Nobel Peace Prize Laureate, WES 2018 speaker), or iii)Rachel Glennerster' (Chief Economist at the Department for International Development and WES 2019 speaker). Explain the rationale behind your choices.

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