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The WESBlog is the Warwick Economics Summit’s active online platform for productive discourse on the themes covered by the summit. The WESBlog is an international forum where students from all ages and nationalities contribute by compiling concise and analytical articles on issues related to politics, economics, international relations, etc. around the world. Our blog is a stage for the debate on some of the world’s most pressing issues, while also shedding light on topics that are typically left out but many times equally important as the headlines. 


Students that contribute have the unique opportunity to make their views and research known and delve deeper into their preferred fields of study. Every year, delegates from top universities, potential employers, professional journalists and WES speakers read WESBlog articles, so writing for the blog provides an unparalleled exposure to the work of student’s across the globe. Writing for the blog is an excellent way to demonstrate interest in economics & related fields and develop valuable skills for any degree or work environment.


Students have a chance to write pieces on topics of personal interest within the scope of WES or may use some of the current affairs prompts provided by P&C in the biweekly WES Newsletter as inspiration. 


All articles submitted to the blog will be reviewed by the P&C team and, if approved according to the submission guidelines, will be published in the WESBlog page. Those articles especially deserving of acclaim will be shortlisted monthly for the “WES Blog Article of the Month” award announced at the end of every month in anticipation of the summit in February. The WESBlog also features exclusive interviews with specialists and personalities as well as  personal accounts by previous edition’s organising teams, including behind the scenes content.

Get in touch with the Press and Communications coordinators for any questions related to the blog at

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