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Giovanni Pierdomenico

After graduating from Warwick in July 2020, I am now reading for the two-year MPhil in Economics at Oxford. I was active in WES during all three years of my UG degree and had the chance to be one of the two Summit Coordinators in preparation for the February 2020 conference. The Summit was a great opportunity for personal growth and allowed me to meet many of the Warwick people I now miss the most. I have great memories from all of the three editions in which I participated. I remember very well, for example, sitting down for lunch with Prof. Mario Monti, a former Italian PM, and Prof. John Taylor, who has contributed so much to our understanding of central banking. My final year at Warwick as Summit Coordinator was very challenging but I remember every second with great pride and a bit of nostalgia. I am still very grateful to all the people who worked to ensure the success of the 2020 edition, which added a number of new features to the conference. Ami and Kako have put together a wonderful team and they are all working very hard to overcome all the difficulties related to Covid-19. The line-up is very promising and I am particularly looking forward to Dr. Yellen’s speech. I believe she is one of the greatest speakers the Summit has ever hosted.



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1st Jan 2021

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30 Nov 2020. - 4 Jan 2021.

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5 -7 Feb. 2021

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Alumni Mentorship Scheme Application 

The alumni mentorship scheme will match mentors with delegates from the Summit for one-to-one short meetings where mentors will be able to offer their valuable advice on careers and studies over the Summit Weekend. You will be able to discuss the timings of these meetings with your mentee to decide a time that suits both of you over the 5th-7th February 2021.


Please remember that mentors will receive a guaranteed free ticket to the WES 2021 Summit!


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Deadline for applications: 1st January 2021

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30 Nov. - 4 Jan.

We invite you to pre-register for a WES 2021 Summit ticket.

The ways in which you may be eligible for a free ticket are if you are :

- A past Overall coordinator or WES2020 Coordinator (will have to do a sign up on LinkedIn or the FB group)

- An alumni mentor for the WES 2021 Summit

- Other alumni who study a masters and are still classified as a ‘student’ are able to pre-register as ‘other’ on 30th November

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