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16-18 Year Olds.

WES 2021 was the first time we opened the Summit to 16-18 year olds!


Following the success of our pilot 16-18 year old scheme in 2021, we are expanding our 16-18 year old scheme to develop grassroots awareness of economics to school students around the world. Join Europe’s largest student-run academic conference virtually for a chance to listen and learn from renowned speakers, which in past years has ranged from Queen Rania of Jordan to Ursula von der Leyen, President of the European Commission. 


WES is also a great opportunity to gain a deeper and diversified understanding of economics and its application in the real world, and would make an impressive addition to your UCAS personal statement.


9th Nov 2020

WES Presents 2: Insights from one of the most powerful CEOs of the past decade, Dame Moya Greene

2 Feb 2022

Introduction to Economics, in partnership with the Bank of England, Discover Economics and Warwick Economics Summit

4 - 6 Feb 2022

Virtual Summit Weekend



"WES is a great summit for finding good points to include in your personal statement for university and opening up new perspectives of economics! You will learn so much about economics in the real world that isn’t covered in your school’s textbooks."

- Avani

"I have emerged from the weekend with a renewed sense of purpose, strengthened ambition, a determination to engage more with economics as a subject...they encouraged us to be the change and lead the way so I’m definitely a bit upset that I have to wake up at 10am tomorrow for online school instead of Day 4 of Warwick Economics Summit!"

- Taylor

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